The electric biking in Auckland is a new and advanced way to travel from point A to B efficiently. We have different bikes to suit all our user’s needs. Whether you want a small and compact bike to travel around busy towns and cities to larger bikes we have the right bike for you. With our electric bikes you also have the option to change the level of assistance, so if you want to get fit and healthy by only using a small amount of resistance you can, or if you want the power to take you up hills and reach 32km/h effortlessly, you can!

Why Should I Get an Electric Bike?

This is becoming very popular method of transport in Auckland and helps you save a load of money on unnecessary expenses such as car fuel and even a car. Even if you have to go a long distance many of our bikes have a range of over 80km which gives you many possibilities of where you would like to travel on an electric bike in Auckland.

What are the Other Benefits?

These bikes are also great for the environment as they produce zero emissions when running and only quire a small amount of energy to fully change. This also makes it very cheap to run which can save you a ton in travel expenses that you can use on other luxuries in your life. As well as being cheaper, it is also a lot healthier so you can even improve your health at the same time as saving money. This makes it a firm choice for many people in New Zealand to get this mode of transport and start their new healthier life.

Are They Right For Me?

If you are someone that wants to save money and get a lot healthier at the same time then these bikes are perfect for you. They can tackle all sorts of environments from inner city travel to tough up-hill climbs. These are also very easy to use and as long as you can ride a bike you can easily adapt to this push button more system.

 electric bikes nz have also been designed to be extremely reliable by only using high quality parts that are built to last. So if you want a great way to travel then make sure you get yourself an electric bike today!